Which Strains of Cannabis Is the Best for Your Element in Astrology?

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    Smoking weed and spirituality have always been connected in some ways. The shamans of the world have used herbs to raise their levels of consciousness, the ancient Hindus have drunk cannabis-strewn bhang to get closer to Shiva, and the Rastafaris, well, have sanctified that herb for all time.

    If you're at all spiritually inclined, it's not a stretch of your imagination to see how your element in astrology affects your choices. We're sure you've heard of the elements in astrology, but here's a little recap of what they are.

    There's the Fire element, which is the essence of the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Then there's Earth, ruling the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Next, we have Air signs, namely, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and finally, the Water element signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

    pass the joint

    You don't need to be an astrology expert for this to make sense; we're pretty sure you know your zodiac sign, and now, you also know which element it belongs to. It's more about the effects of cannabis mirroring these energies. For example, you know that an Indica will soothe and calm you, and a Sativa will get you pumped and excited for projects and people. And we're sure you know some fiery people who need a little Indica in their life, as well as some spacey people who could do with a bit of Sativa pick-me-up.

    So read on to see what astrologers say is the best cannabis pick for your element.

    Fire Element Signs - Indica

    The Fire element is the wildest, most out-of-control one! They're the ones that climb mountains, play roulette online, and bungee-jump off cliffs in some foreign, hard-to-pronounce country. They are the gamblers and risk-takers of the zodiac, the center of attention, and everyone knows it.

    The Aries is known for its strength and fiery temperament, Leo for its sparkling pride, and Sagittarius for its wisdom and bravery. They are all so enthusiastic and over the top, it can be hard to keep up with them. With so much energy exploding into all their pursuits, the Fire element signs really need to chill out, and the Indica strain is how astrologers suggest they do that.

    Their feisty and overbearing personality can be soothed with some Sweet Zkittlez or strains like Northern Lights and Blue Mystic. These strains are so Indica-heavy that a puff or two will be enough to turn their forest fires into warming fireplaces.

    Food for Thought

    Because they use so much energy throughout the day, Fire element signs are notorious for their sweet tooth. Magic brownies were probably invented by one of these signs because they're simple and delicious. All you need is a brownie mix you can grab at the store and some cannabis oil or ground-up hash, whatever is quicker. That is the perfect snack for this impatient element.

    Air Element Signs - Sativa

    The Air signs are all go-go-go- all the time! The Gemini is known as the most communicative sign, Libra as the most diplomatic, and Aquarius is the creative rebel of the zodiac. There's no room where a Gemini can't make friends, a Libra find a fling, or an Aquarius start a revolution.

    These fast-paced, creative signs can change their mind like the wind changes direction, and their thoughts can be all over the place. Because they can get so out of focus, Sativa is just the strain to get them back on track. You cannot slow down an Air element sign - they can only be directed in a way that's better for them. In order for their thoughts to stay positive and sharp, they could try out a Shining Silver or Amnesia Haze, or possibly the Royal Moby.

    Food for Thought

    All that talking sure makes for a thirsty throat, so the Air element signs might want to have some cannabis tea between monologues. It can be brewed in multiple ways and enjoyed with milk and honey.

    Earth Element Sings - Hybrids

    All the Earth signs are known for their practicality, groundedness, and stability. Specifically, the Taurus is known for its persistence, the Virgo for its precision, and Capricorn for its ambition. Astrologers also say that these signs enjoy good food, so they certainly don't mind THC-heavy strains; after all, they get the munchies anyway.

    So these signs are sort of a mix of high-strung and hedonistic because they like to work hard and play just as hard. A hybrid is what hits the spot with this element because the Indica can relax them when overworked, and the Sativa can perk them up when they've gotten sluggish after a big meal. The Royal Gorilla and Special Queen 1 hybrids would be good options for them.

    Food for Thought

    Earth signs like hearty, filling meals. They do butter, not margarine, coffee, not decaf, and full milk, not skimmed. The perfect solution for them to enjoy their hybrid would be homemade cannabis butter or canna-butter, as it's affectionately known. Since they all like to cook because they want to know they're only eating the best quality ingredients, they won't mind adding this to their homemade bread. Once you grind up your stash, add it to some melted butter and have it simmer on the stovetop for 6 hours (Earth signs are notoriously patient). Spread it on your favorite bread and enjoy!

    Water Element Sings - CBD

    We all have a Water sign in our life, whether it be a lovingly clingy Cancer, a passionate and intuitive Scorpio, or a dreamy, sensitive Pisces. They're all super emotional by nature, though, one shows it through nurture, the other through sexuality, and the last one through kindness. They're already naturally on a different dimension compared to the other signs and elements, and they can react to cannabis strongly. Sometimes, far too strongly, because it just exacerbates their already heightened emotional state.

    So astrologers believe that CBD oil is the best cannabis version for these naturally-faded signs. It gives you the high but without adverse side effects, such as an anxiety-ridden bad high. CBD is known for its calming properties, and it is used for anyone in mental or physical pain. Since water signs are so emotional by nature, their soul is in some sort of pain at any point in time, to be honest. Plus, CBD isn't an intoxicant, and this is a good thing since water signs have a naturally high disposition.

    A bit of Royal Medic or even the Solomatic CBD could do the trick, or perhaps a CBD mix could hit the spot. With low amounts of THC, these dreamers can dream on without fear of tripping out.

    Food for Thought

    Because gentle Pisces, homebody Cancer, and intense Scorpio need something to cool their emotions, they can refresh themselves with weed ice cream. They're going to need to borrow some canna-butter from the Earth signs and mix it up with some sugar and cream. All they have to do next is freeze it overnight and enjoy the next day. For the particularly lazy Water signs, you can just sprinkle your favorite ice cream with CBD oil and have yourself dessert for breakfast any day!

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