How The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Are Changing Views On CBD And Sports

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    Aug 17, 2021, 6:39 pm913 pts

    For the first time in history, top-ranking athletes are being open to using cannabis products to prepare for their performance. In the past, using CBD or any product that relates to it can get an athlete banned for life or years.

    Even though some athletes are now open about their use of CBD products, there is still some controversy about its use. Besides, the 2020 Olympic host, Japan laws don't allow the use of CBD products on their soil.

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    US Athlete Admits Using CBD Product to Prepare for the Tokyo 2020

    Megan Rapinoe admitted that she uses CBD products after training so she could sleep and rest properly. The CBD products used by Megan Rapinoe were produced by her sister Rachael and Brett Schwager. According to Rachel and Brett, the CBD products will provide athletes a natural wellness solution so they can recover and perform better

    However, Megan Rapinoe and her team could not bring the product down for the Tokyo Olympics because Japan prohibits the use of products made from cannabis. So they decided to leave their CBD products at home where it is safe.

    Controversy over the Use of CBD Products at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Fans seemed not to be happy that Sha'Carri Richardson was not allowed to perform at the Tokyo Olympics because of testing positive for using marijuana.

    Especially, Twitter users were especially livid when the story of Megan Rapinoe was published on a popular online platform of the US Soccer Women's National Team star admitting to using CBD products after training.

    The grudge is that while one person was stopped from participating at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for testing marijuana, another athlete was praised for openly admitting to using products made from marijuana. It does appear that a lot of people don't know the difference between marijuana and CBD products.

    Difference Between Marijuana and CBD Products

    Marijuana contains CBD and other compounds. Medically, CBD has been discovered to help patients who are suffering from depression and stress. On the other hand, although CBD is extracted from marijuana, a lot of countries around the world still regard marijuana as a drug substance. CBD substance is not taken or meant to intoxicate or make someone "high" like marijuana. Therefore, the major difference here is that marijuana contains CBD and other compounds that can intoxicate. It has been proven that CBD products don't intoxicate or increase a person. No wonder, Megan was not seen to have committed any offense even after she admitted to using CBD.

    Will CBD be Allowed for Athletes Soon?

    Since CBD is not a performance enhancement product, the likelihood of it becoming allowed for athletes is very high. However, the challenge will be whether the laws of the country hosting allows its use.

    No doubt, the knowledge about CBD is very low hence the argument that ensued on Twitter why Sha'Carri Richardson was banned and Megan was allowed to participate in the tournament. Do you want to know more about this story? Visit to discover more news about CBD.

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