10 Cycling Routes Around Burnaby, Canada

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    Cycling is an excellent and cost-effective way to stay in shape, explore new routes, and save money on transportation. If you want the benefits of cycling without the risks, you can use a track bike in place of a regular road bike. You might also consider wearing padded shorts under your clothes or buying padded bicycle pants for extra comfort when cycling.

    If you live in Burnaby, then you know about the many options for cycling within the city. The following is a list of ten cycling routes that will help you see some of the best Burnaby has to offer.

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    Burnaby's Best Cycling Routes

    1. Around Central Park – If you have ever driven through Central Park, then you know that there are a number of scenic pathways for walking or jogging around this beautiful park. Many people are surprised, however, to learn that Central Park also boasts excellent cycling trails too. In fact, Central Park has the most trails in Burnaby of any municipality.

    2. The Lake Gardens – Another transportation-free alternative to busy Burnaby is to cycle around the lake and the gardens instead. The lake side paths are ideal terrain for cycling with many wide, flat stretches of pavement. For those preferring a more challenging ride, the Lake Gardens offer more challenging cycle paths that make it easier for cyclists of all levels to get some exercise and explore this scenic area too.

    3. From Science World to Metrotown – If you are looking for an easy, low-impact cycle route, then you should try this one. It starts at Science World and takes you around the waterfront of False Creek before heading north on a bike path through the northern areas of Burnaby beside the Lougheed Highway. Once you get to Burnaby Lake Park and the beautiful lake surrounding it, you can always take a break and enjoy a swim or a picnic on the lawns inside this park.

    4. The Old Oak Park Loop – You can't talk about the best cycling routes in Burnaby without talking about one of the most popular trails in Burnaby – Old Oak Park. The trail around this park is more than a mile long and a great place to stop for a snack, smoking outdoors or if you are looking for something longer, there is also a loop trail approximately four miles long that will take you along the lake and through some beautiful forested areas too.

    5. The Rail Trail – If you are looking for a longer and more challenging ride that will take you away from the city, then you should consider cycling the rail trail around Burnaby. With an uninterrupted path along the tracks of the BNSF railway, this trail is one of the best ways for beach cyclists to enjoy Burnaby's coastline without having to deal with busy roads too.

    6. The Lake City Rail Trail – The second best biking route in Burnaby is the Lake City Rail Trail. This trail runs from the Metrotown area on the east side of Burnaby all the way west to Shaughnessy. It takes you along the waterways of Burnaby and offers you a great view of the City as well as some breathtaking views of Mount Baker to see on your way out.

    7. North Shore Beach Bike Trails – If you are travelling with your family or children, then you should consider this longer route along the Burnaby lake shoreline. The trail takes you close to the shopping and dining in Metrotown before taking you around beautiful Burnaby Lake.

    8. From Burnaby Mountain to the University of British Columbia – This is one of the best cycling routes in Burnaby for those that are fairly fit and who enjoy a challenge on their bikes. First, you can take a break at the top of Burnaby Mountain before you continue along the bike path to the campus of UBC. If you are looking for an even greater challenge, then why not try cycling up Burnaby Mountain?

    9. From Metrotown to BCIT – This is another great cycling route in Burnaby that takes you along the banks of the beautiful Brunette River. The route takes you along the very well maintained pedestrian pathways along this river and offers you a chance to enjoy both the natural surroundings and the scenic Burnaby cityscape.

    10. At Leisurely Pace Along The Brunette River – This route doesn't sound very exciting, but it is great for families with kids or anyone looking for a leisurely way to see some of the sights in Burnaby. This cycling route takes you along the Brunette River on a very level, flat path and offers you a chance to see a lot of the area around Burnaby.

    So there you have it – ten great places to bike in Burnaby! I hope this list will help you find some amazing places to go for your next outdoor adventure in the city. If you love exploring on your bike as much as I do, then you will enjoy this list!

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