9 Brilliant Benefits of CBD Oil

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    Over the past few years, America and the rest of the world has embraced the phenomenal medicinal potential of cannabidiol (CBD) products, and in particular those made using hemp, thanks to the low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. No THC means no "high" or mind-altering, psychoactive effects that many would rather not sample.

    CBD oil is especially versatile and can be used to help with both mental and physical health. The oil can be administered via sublingual absorption, by applying it under the tongue, or by lathering it on the skin as a topical. Here are nine awesome benefits of CBD oil.

    Alleviates anxiety

    Fast relief is essential when treating anxiety, and the quick speed of delivery provided by sublingual absorption makes CBD oil an ideal CBD product, that is suitable for all age groups. Those experiencing excessive worry and rumination will find the soothing, mind-calming properties of CBD helpful. Meanwhile, the rapid effects of the oil are great for stifling panic attacks before they become overwhelming. Generalized and social anxiety sufferers, as well as patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) may all benefit from CBD oil.

    Reduces pain

    Medical cannabis use has always been associated with pain relief, and science has now shown that the endocannabinoid system - the system where cannabinoids like CBD interact - regulates pain perception. There are a couple of ways that CBD oil can be used to treat pain. For internal chronic pain, consuming sublingually is likely to be most effective; however, for localized pain close to the surface of the body, it may be advantageous to apply the oil as if it were a CBD cream or gel. While CBD oil tinctures are not especially designed for topical use, it can still be rubbed into the skin, where it influences cannabinoid receptors.

    Manages fibromyalgia

    It's interesting that several fibromyalgia symptoms are treatable with CBD - pain, anxiety and depression to name three. One neurologist and cannabis researcher, Dr Ethan Russo, has presented a theory that conditions, including fibromyalgia, are caused by deficiencies in the endocannabinoid system - aptly naming the proposed disease 'Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency'. Russo suggests that not everybody can produce endocannabinoids in the concentrations needed for the system to function optimally.

    With sublingual absorption transporting CBD all over the body, this is a good method for managing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

    Treats acne

    CBD Hemp Oil


    Acne is an inflammatory condition, which mostly affects younger demographics. The skin complaint causes hyperactivity among the sebum-producing sebaceous glands - this results in oily skin that looks aesthetically unpleasing and can lead to infection due to pores clogging up and getting trapped with dirt.

    However, topically-applied CBD oil can regulate the sebaceous glands, restoring natural sebum production. CBD manages this by influencing the CB2 receptor via endocannabinoids - this receptor is the pathway to immune system response. Research has shown that CBD has a much more significant effect than simply reducing inflammation. Instead, the compound helps endocannabinoids to regulate the immune system, to allow for necessary inflammation.

    In terms of the sebaceous glands, sebum production is balanced so that the skin still has a protective and waterproof layer of this beneficial oil.

    Slows aging

    CBD is a potent antioxidant, and this trait helps to slow an aging process referred to as "free radical aging." This occurs when free radicals - which are found in the sun's UV rays, environmental pollutants, as well as tobacco and cannabis smoke - come in close contact with the skin. These uncharged molecules take electrons from the skin, and in doing so damages its DNA, preventing new skin cells from being created.

    However, with the regular application of CBD oil, and preferably a full-spectrum CBD oil which contains other antioxidant cannabinoids, free radicals can be neutralized.

    Controls bipolar disorder

    Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition which causes dramatic changes in mood. The endocannabinoid system and CBD are of immediate interest, given the suppressant effect that the cannabinoid has on the CB1 receptor, a confirmed regulator of mood.

    Taking CBD oil can have a calming effect, and for bipolar patients, the cannabinoid may help to reduce volatile mood swings. The benefits of CBD are in complete contrast to THC's effect on this condition, with the latter, psychoactive cannabinoid magnifying already-felt emotions.

    Relieves depression

    Anandamide is a neurotransmitter, and the most expressed endocannabinoid in the endocannabinoid system - the chemical also exhibits powerful and natural antidepressant effects. Studies have found that boosting anandamide improves mood, which can help to alleviate symptoms of depression, and also major depressive disorder - this more serious slump lasts for at least two weeks.

    Furthermore, research has found that depression patients have a smaller hippocampus than those without the mood disorder. In recent years, studies on rats have demonstrated that CBD facilitates neurogenesis, and the regrowth of this part of the brain. CBD also helps to repair neuronal circuitry in the prefrontal cortex, which has also been linked to depression.

    Helps with migraines

    Migraines are another condition that have been connected to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency, and CBD oil can be a good treatment here as both an orally-consumed remedy and a topical.

    A recent study into medical cannabis and migraines found that cannabinoid therapy was as effective as current migraine drugs, but with an exciting caveat - the cannabis oil did not produce side effects.

    While taking CBD sublingually will help, some find that rubbing oil into the temples is an excellent way of managing a throbbing migraine that causes intense pain.

    Limits inflammation

    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have been the leading class of anti-inflammatories for decades, and come in various strengths - some NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen, are sold over-the-counter, while more potent NSAID drugs are available on prescription. However, the myriad of side effects that come with these pharmaceutical treatments, which include stomach ulcers, allergic reactions and high blood pressure make them unpopular with many patients.

    Those seeking a natural solution can try CBD oil. In the same way CBD helps with acne, the cannabinoid regulates immune system response to treat notorious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and arthritis.

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