Cannabis Cosmetics Why People Go Crazy Over It

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    Cannabis is the most fashionable makeup component in America right now. What? Yes! You are going to find out why it is so good and whether it is worth rushing to look for cosmetics with hemp right now.

    Cannabis cosmetics makeup

    The proven scientific therapeutic effect of hemp-seed oil and the legalization of marijuana provokes the appearance of a variety of means - from patches against mosquito bites to chocolates with hemp in the composition.

    In ancient times, hemp was an actively cultivated agricultural crop. It gave people food, cloth, ropes, and paper. Hemp porridge and oil were part of the standard diet of Russian peasants, Gutenberg's Bible was printed on hemp paper! The unpretentious plant was actively used by our ancestors.

    A help plant consists of 480 active components. 80 of them are called cannabinoids. They get involved with receptors of the central nervous system and brain.

    But then people noticed that from some varieties of this herb you can get a drug, and, as a result, persecution began on a useful plant.

    What is happening?

    In America, adult use cannabis is legal at the moment in 9 American states (and D.C. District of Columbia). The other day, marijuana was partially decriminalized in Georgia, and in half of Europe, using and possessing marijuana in small quantities is not count as a criminal offense. It seems that America is gradually moving towards the universal legalization of smoking weed, and the beauty industry could not help but respond to this.

    marijuana beauty products

    In America, the choice is quite wide. You can buy relaxing bath crystals, eye cream, lip balm, and even hemp lubricant. Actress Olivia Wilde, in an interview for the New York Times, confesses her love for hemp Lord Jones's body lotion. Celebrity stylist Carla Welch recommends that her clients (Katy Perry and Sarah Paulson) smear their feet before important events. Brands have already appeared on the market whose concept is tied only to cannabinoids (look for Kane, Kannuka and so on). In general, the demand for hemp cosmetics in America is now very high.

    This is just what it is

    In the cosmetic industry, as a rule, two types of cannabinoids are used, which are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). According to some reports, THC has a calming effect on the skin, but it is also responsible for drug intoxication, therefore, it is put in cosmetics in small (no more than 3%) concentrations, and THC products in America cannot be purchased outside the state in which they were produced. In cosmetics that you can freely purchase in Russia (and other countries where the sale of marijuana is prohibited), put only cannabidiol obtained from hemp crops. It is extracted from cannabis flowers and buds, an extract of its seeds and hemp-seed oil.

    Cosmetics with CBD will not make you high but, as the manufacturers claim, it will help with eczema, psoriasis, and even acne. But which of this is true? There is a high (30–38%) concentration of fatty acids within seeds of marijuana, and are also rich in amino acids, vitamins, and fiber, which makes hemp-seed oil a very good component for skin prone to dryness. As a rule, manufacturers like to depict hemp leaves on bottles, but you can find the component on the label in accordance with Hemp-Seed Oil or Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. In addition, it is absorbed quite quickly. If we talk about cannabidiol itself, it was found that it can regulate the production of sebum and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Later scientific publications confirm that the authors of the latest study used a cream with a 3% concentration of CBD in the focus-group with acne. According to the test results, the respondents showed a significant slowdown in sebum production and a decrease in the number of inflammations and redness on the side of the face on which they applied the cream. Now cosmetologists are predicting this component even more popular in the years to come.

    cannabis cosmetics cream drops

    It seems like people have found a gush of beauty

    The number of cosmetics makers using hemp derivatives increases by the day on the market, but not every drug is effective, due to not all forms of cannabidiol are equally good. For instance, combinations of the compounds of this substance are more efficient than isolated ones. It was found that CBD isolate or pure CBD crystals do not work. Therefore, different combinations of this substance obtained from different parts of plants are used by the Lord Jones brand. But even if the product contains cannabidiol in the wrong concentration or form, this does not mean that it is bad. Other ingredients may work in the product. After all, with all its advantages, CBD is not a unique component and other substances have similar properties.

    But it can be said with confidence that smoking marijuana will not cure your skin of psoriasis and acne!

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